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We recommend using the CPanel File Manager to upload, edit, and manage files in your account. However, here are some recommended settings for using ftp to connect to your server.

Firewall Notes

Due to the firewall configuration on the server, your IP will need to be added to the firewall whitelist to ftp to your server. Contact support at montebellopark.com to for more information.

Connection Settings

Standard FTP

Protocol: FTP
Hostname: ftp.domain.com
Port: 21
Username: account@domain.com
Password: assigned password
Encryption: Plain FTP or Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Transfer Mode: Passive
Maximum Connections: 5

Secure FTP

Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
Host: ftp.domain.com
Port: (contact support at montebellopark.com)
Username: account@domain.com
Password: assigned password
Maximum Connections: 5