Legal Information

Proof of Ownership:

In an effort to avoid violating copyright law, everyone submitting items to us for transfer will be required to provide a statement that they are either the holder of any copyright on the piece, or that they are submitting the work to us for reproduction with the authorization of the owner. We have forms available for this purpose. We prefer you to complete and submit the appropriate forms prior to any work being done. However, if that is not possible, you may submit the forms anytime prior to delivery of your project. The appropriate forms must be completed and returned before we can release your DVDs.

Intellectual Property Rights in Finished Work:

While transfer to DVD does not transfer intellectual property rights held in the original works submitted, the transfer process and addition of special features will result in the DVD containing certain items in which Montebello Park Productions has various intellectual property rights. Montebello Park retains all rights related to such property. As such, the finished DVDs may not be reproduced in anyway without our written consent.

Proof of Age:

Federal law requires that companies collect proof of age and identity before reproducing certain types of images. Therefore, in compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257, we may be required to collect documentation to prove the age and identity of those individuals appearing in some work sent to us for hosting or production. If a work you send us meets the criteria outlined in the law, we will contact you to provide the necessary documentation.