Who We Are

Here are a few of the people that have helped to make Montebello Park Productions possible. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of who we are. Then again, maybe not...

WARNING: The following is not suitable for those who take everything seriously.

Scott, pretending to be in front of Niagra Falls.

Scott Cook

Corypheus, Creative & Technical Director

scott @ mp

Scott thought that Corypheus made for a more interesting and appropriate title than president or founder or proprietor. Everyone else just thinks it's weird. Somehow that isn't surprising. He did, after all, make up "Field Communications Specialist" for a job that involved sitting in a cube and playing with databases.

When not coming up with unique job titles, Scott likes to be a geek in as many fields as possible.

Jim & Nigel @ their favorite place to Chill Out

Jim Hayes

Technical Consultant

Technical Director, EastCliff Productions

When not launching tennis balls down the street for Nigel to chase, Jim provides his technical expertise and guidance. While he is a geek by training, his many hobbies include saving the environment, playing Santa Claus at Christmas time, mentoring youth and providing scholarships for local high school students.

Brian, trapped in the Louvre.

Brian Johnson

Artistic Consultant

Eternal Artist

Brian is a bit of an art geek and provides scathing criticism of any idea put before him. In other words, he's the type of person that's great to have around, whether you like it or not. I can only imagine what he will say about the photo selected for his likeness.

When he isn't busy (constructively) criticizing the work of others (or his own), he wanders the town striking up conversations with everyone in sight...and occasionally those that aren't.

Craig Uhrich

Legal/Financial Consultant

Jack of All Trades

What hasn't Craig done? I think Brain Surgeon is still open. His favorite quote: "Sure, buy it, it's tax deductible!" Luckily his advice is taken selectively.

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